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Last quarter of 1999, ADCIS, and Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc., announced version 3.0 of Aphelion, the latest version of the software product which is more than just another image analysis package.

From the same user-friendly environment, the user has access to the largest library of operators in the industry available for every class of images, including: symbolic processing to manipulate features extracted from images, fuzzy-logic and statistical based classifications to extract objects from images, advanced mathematical morphology algorithms, and measurement extraction. A built-in Visual Basic scripting language, a fully customizable charting package, a spreadsheet and hardware and MMX support are also included in the basic package.

The latest version of Aphelion provides many important new features, including:

  • Availability of the Image Processing/Understanding/Display libraries as ActiveX components, callable from Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, for easy integration in third party applications
  • Additional segmentation tools such as Snakes and Color Thresholding techniques
  • Texture Analysis tools to classify images
  • Enhanced printing capabilities to generate high-quality reports
  • Additional frame grabber support, such as the Integral Technologies FlashBus, and the new Matrox Meteor boards
  • Integration in the Windows® 98/2000 environment
  • Additional module for Comet Assay analysis
  • And much more…

Contact your local dealer to learn more about Aphelion 3.0.

All active users with a maintenance support can get Aphelion 3.0 as part of their agreement. Other users can purchase an upgrade version.