Aphelion™ ApxEditor Component


  • The Aphelion Image Editor is an ActiveX control, fully compatible with the Aphelion imaging product, used for editing binary images and ObjectSets. It is a powerful tool for enhancing segmentation results by removing incorrectly detected boundaries or adding objects missed during detection. Modifications are saved in the binary image or in the modified ObjectSet.
  • As with every Aphelion ActiveX control, the Image Editor component can be called from any Visual C++ or Visual Basic application, or from an Aphelion macro. The control includes a full set of properties and methods for controlling the display of images and objects, as well as related tools such as a pen/eraser.

ApxEditor GUI

Binary Image Editor capabilities include:

  • Adding new objects to an existing binary image or ObjectSet with the pen tool
  • Deleting any object in an ObjectSet or a binary image
  • Splitting touching objects
  • Zooming in/out
  • Controlling the display mode (pixel = point, aspect ratio preservation, etc.)
  • Loading the component from any programming environment
  • Printing black and white or color images with the ObjectSet displayed in the image overlay