Software drivers for Image Acquisition Devices

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The Aphelion™ Imaging Software Suite proposes a broad range of software interfaces for popular image acquisition systems. These interfaces enable users to capture live images when using any of the hardware devices listed below, controlling that process with the Aphelion software environment. These software interfaces are divided in two categories: Standard Interfaces and Proprietary Interfaces.

Standard Interfaces

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The following drivers are available to interface the Aphelion system to input devices having standard interfaces, such as FireWire1 and USB2 industrial cameras, webcam2, and frame grabber boards2.

  • IEEE1394 (FireWire®) Interface1
  • DirectShow Interface2

The DirectShow interface is included in the Aphelion Lab and Aphelion Dev software products.

Proprietary System Interfaces

Some cameras available on the market are delivered with proprietary drivers to fully control camera parameters (image resolution, exposure time, light integrating mode, etc.). The cameras currently supported by the Aphelion Imaging Software Suite are:

Analog video cameras can also be interfaced to Aphelion using a frame grabber board. The frame grabber boards currently supported are:

Contact your local representative for details and availability of specific drivers.

Aphelion Image Acquisition Device Interface:

  • Support a broad range of cameras (b/w, color, hi-resolution, low-sensitivity, infrared);
  • Provide user control of camera parameters for capturing live images from within the Aphelion graphical user interface; and
  • Enable easy integration into a stand-alone application written in Visual C#® or Visual Basic®.

1 Compliant with the IIDC 1394 Digital Camera Specification version 1.31 as published by the 1394 Trace Association. 2 Compliant with the Microsoft DirectShow interface. Most of the manufacturers provide the DirectShow-compliant driver in addition to their own drivers, e.g. Allied Vision Technologies, Basler, IDS, PixelLink, Sony.