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Aphelion™ Dev


We have been providing products to the image processing and analysis marketplace for more than 25 years. Our Aphelion software products and our customers benefit from that experience. While many competitor products have come and gone, Aphelion Dev remains the product of choice for those developing advanced image-based applications. Our Dev product has earned this position because we have continuously updated it to keep pace with imaging technology advances, strategic partnerships with international R&D laboratories, the evolution of Windows® environments and personal computer hardware technologies. At the same time we continued providing timely and professional customer support.

Aphelion Dev GUI

Aphelion Dev's graphical user interface utilizes the best features of current Windows® technology, such as .Net components and software architecture tools. Its context-based tools guide a new user from image acquisition, through image processing and analysis, to report generation. Yet, Dev provides the more experienced user the tools to develop advanced and automated imaging processes that quickly become deployed applications.

Aphelion Dev users benefit from its openness, made possible by support for multiple macro command languages that can call functions from Dev's libraries as well as from third party software products. Dev's libraries are available as native code and .Net® components. This capability enables OEMs and VARs to create stand-alone imaging applications with customized GUIs in a timely manner.

Keeping up with rapidly changing technology, Aphelion Dev supports monochrome, color, 2D, 3D1, and multiband images; 32-bit and 64-bit architectures; and Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 operating systems2. Aphelion Dev's design significantly enhances performance for both development work and for deployed systems. User productivity is also benefited by an extensive Help library and a set of video tutorials.

Aphelion Dev main benefits:

  • Suited to expert and non-expert users
  • Hundreds of image processing and analysis functions
  • Over 50 measurements
  • Context-based GUIs facilitate productive use of the software
  • 4 available macro command languages (BasicScript®, Python®, Visual Basic®, and Visual C#®)
  • Drawing tools enable feature measurements, even when segmentation is difficult
  • Administrator and User modes foster Good Laboratory Practices
  • Advanced capabilities thanks to the optional extensions

1 Processing and displaying 3D images requires two optional extensions. 2 Applications developed with Aphelion Dev can be deployed in Ubuntu® Linux® environments using Aphelion SDK.