Summary of Aphelion™ Dev Capabilities

Settings Button

Configuration GUI (Administrator mode only)

  • Adjustment of camera settings
  • Adjustment of calibration settings (lens selection, focal distance, etc.)
  • Specification of image/database/configuration file folders
  • Adjustment of image display settings
Acquisition Button

Image Acquisition Interface

  • Fully compatible with the Microsoft DirectShow interface
  • Selection of the camera mode and the associated configuration
  • Control of gain and offset
  • Background correction
  • Calibration selection
  • Histogram computation and display to control acquisition settings
Extraction Button

Object Extraction

  • Select most appropriate color space and color band if required for the analysis
  • Filtering operators to remove noise and delete objects touching image boundary
  • Automatic and manual segmentation tools, including a tool to split touching objects
Editing Button

Image Editing

  • Interactive tools to annotate images
  • Drawing tools to change image content
Measurements Button


  • Contouring tools for measurements (area, caliper, angle, equivalent disk, etc.)
  • Shape analysis measurements
  • Display of measurements in a spreadsheet and associated histogram
  • Interaction between spreadsheet cells and corresponding objects in an image
Report Button

Developer Capability

  • Over 400 image processing and analysis functions
  • Macro editors (BasicScript, Python, Visual Basic, Visual C#)
  • Image histogram/profile tools
Report Button

Report Generation Capability

  • Automatic export into CSV format, compatible with most spreadsheet programs
  • Save measurements and associated objects in TKS (Aphelion Developer) format
  • Print report hardcopy

Image Display Capability

  • Image gallery, and drag-and-drop capability between windows of the GUI
  • ObjectSet gallery
  • Automatic export of images, measurements, and associated data into a database