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ADCIS develops and markets innovative and high-performance image processing software products such as the Aphelion imaging environment. ADCIS also performs custom engineering work under contract, addressing vertical market applications such as 3D structure analysis, security and industrial site monitoring, cell analysis, chromosome classification, railway sign recognition, retinal image analysis, materials science, etc.

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Aphelion LAB

Users without imaging and programming expertise can use Aphelion Lab to quickly create effective analysis projects for digital images acquired from microscopes, copy stands, and many other devices. Thanks to a set of context-based interfaces, the user is guided through the creation of an image analysis project. This includes steps for digital image acquisition, image processing operator selection and execution, image editing, measurement selection and computation, and analysis report generation.

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Aphelion DEV

The Aphelion Dev product is a Windows-compatible software for rapid development and deployment of imaging applications. Aphelion Dev has been designed to meet the needs of OEMs, VARs, and end-users in fields such as medical imaging, material sciences, optical and scanning microscopy, industrial inspection, security and tracking.

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Aphelion SDK

Aphelion SDK (Software Development Kit) has been designed to meet the needs of OEMs and VARs to deploy their imaging applications.

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Most Recent News

42nd ISS France Conference

ADCIS attended the 42nd conference of the International Society for Stereology in Paris, France, and presented a project work on the automatic grading of the diabetic retinopathy.

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GSLS 2019

The new version of the EyePrint Designer (EPD) Software has been presented at the GSLS 2019 Symposium.

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CES 2019 Las Vegas

Introduced at CES’2019, the innovation named OphtAI is an artificial intelligence resulting from three years of collaborative research between researchers, clinicians, and manufacturers.

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