Aphelion Developer Key Features

Image Display in the Graphical User Interface

It is possible to display more than one image in the Aphelion Graphical User Interface. The example below shows how to display four images at the same time, and zoom in all images at once. Images can be displayed at their true size, or by respecting the aspect ratio. Powerful tools for controlling the display context and the LUTs are also available in the product. All these tools are now available in one single ActiveX component, the ApxImageDisplay Control.

Imagette.gif - 250 x 265

Message Passing between Images and Charts

The example below shows how to display charts and images at the same time, and how message passing and dynamic coloring is implemented in Aphelion. Two sections are highlighted in the histogram, and corresponding pixels are then colorized in the image. In the bottom chart, a section is highlighted on the intensity profile, and pixel location is then marked on the original gray-scale image.

Histo.gif - 497 x 400

Message Passing between Images, Charts, and ObjectSets

Message Passing is a key and unique feature in Aphelion. Clicking in one image window will pass a message to another window, which will then interpret the message and perform an action if it is possible. For example, the example below shows how to pass multiple messages between an image, an histogram, and the grid used to output object attributes. The selected object appears in red in the three images, the corresponding line is highlighted in the grid, and the corresponding bar in the histogram is shown in a different color. Message Passing could have also be initiated by clicking on the grid. This feature is very important, and provides full control of data output to the user. With Message Passing, you directly enter into the world of Image Understanding. 

MessPass.gif - 404 x 250

A Powerful Graphic Toolbox

Image Processing sometimes requires the user to interact manually with the images. A powerful graphic toolbox is provided, to let the user draw objects into the image overlay. All graphics are non destructive, but can be later merged with the image. Free hand drawing is available, to contour objects of interest, and to extract basic information on these objects.

Graphic.gif - 300 x 312

Online and multimedia documentation

Aphelion documentation is very comprehensive. It includes a full User Guide describing every icon and button in the Graphical User interface, a Macro Reference Guide explaining how to record, program  and play macros, a Reference Guide detailing every single Image Processing/Understanding operator, with images, programming examples, and references. A programming Guide is also available explaining how to develop Stand-Alone applications in Visual C++, or how  to add a new operator in the graphical User Interface.

Help.gif - 300 x 300

Visual Basic compatible language for macro commands

The software includes a Visual Basic-compatible macro language. Image Processing operators have been added to the language, while preserving the original functions, the dialog editor, and all other familiar Visual Basic objects. All debugging tools are also available at a mouse click.

Road_apm.gif - 300 x 217 - animated

Multiple Regions of Interest

Aphelion supports multiple Regions on Interest, of regular or irregular shape. Processing can be performed in one or all ROIs at the same time. This unique feature is very useful for quality control applications. And, objects obtained after image segmentation can even be converted into multiple ROIs. 

roadROI.jpg - 267 x 287
ROI.gif - 290 x 300