Aphelion Developer: The Best Development Tools in Image Understanding And Image Analysis

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Aphelion is an image processing and quantitative image analysis software package for rapid application prototyping, development of new imaging techniques, training in computer vision, and application deployment. Compatible with Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, et 10 Aphelion offers the latest developments in mathematical morphology from the Ecole des Mines in Paris, the most innovative tools in shape recognition, classification, image understanding, as well as optional modules for vertical applications and markets.

Aphelion features over 400 processing functions accessible from the graphical user interface, or from a stand-alone program written in Visual Basic, C++, or Delphi. The graphical user interface allows for the simultaneous display of processed images, images acquired by a camera or an external digital sensor, charts, grids containing image measurements, source code for Visual Basic-compatible macro programs, and online documentation.

The Aphelion core package supports 2D images in any size with a depth of 1 to 32 bits, color images, and 3D images.

The graphical user interface allows the simultaneous display of images, charts, and measurements for rapid prototyping and algorithm validation. Most of Aphelion's extensive library is available as a set of ActiveX controls and DLLs, enabling OEMs to select only the necessary components used in their application, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of the final application. Worldwide, hundreds of applications based on the Aphelion components have been developed and successfully delivered to their customers by ADCIS, and its partner Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc., in Amherst, MA, USA. Now OEMs need only concentrate on their field of expertise, relying on Aphelion to display, process, and quantify images.

A set of optional modules is available to perform statistical recognition, reconstruct large images from small images, control the satge of a microscope, process and analyze 3D images, deblur noisy images, and much more.

In less than ten years, Aphelion has successfully taken its place in the international market as the standard reference in image processing, image understanding, and image analysis. Research laboratories throughout the world perform their imaging work using the Aphelion software.