Aphelion™ drivers for Leica® DC and DFC camera systems

Two Aphelion drivers are available for Leica DC (Hotlink) and Leica DFC models (FireWire). Visit www.leica-microsystems.com/Camera_Systems for further information about these cameras. Hotlink and FireWire cameras can be fully controlled from the Aphelion environment, and snapped images can be processed using the powerful image processing library available in the Aphelion imaging system.

Leica DC

Leica DC and DFC cameras are high-resolution digital cameras that may generate images up to an 8 million pixels resolution. They are especially well suited to any application involving an optical microscope. The stylish camera housing is lightweight and compact, and it can easily be attached to a particular microscope with a C-mount adapter. It also provides a quick transfer to a PC using a standard interface.

Using the Aphelion driver, it is no longer necessary to use the Twain interface which did not let the user control all camera features and is not enough reliable to scan a sample with a motorized stage. Also, the driver dramatically improves the speed of image transfer between the PC and the camera, and allows the display of a live image in almost real-time on a PC screen.

The following capabilities are controlled from the Aphelion drivers for the Leica DC (Hotlink) and the Leica DFC (FireWire) cameras:

  • Live image and snapshot captures
  • Image format selection among the available formats
  • Pixel depth (8 or 16 bit pixels)
  • Color or monochrome
  • Gain and black-level offset
  • Region of interest definition
  • Exposure time, auto exposure on/off, and exposure compensation
  • White balance definition
  • Flip

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