FireWire® image capture for Aphelion™ Developer

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An IEEE 1394 compatible driver is available for use with Aphelion Developer. With this software, Aphelion Developer users have the best solution for acquiring high quality images from a digital camera directly into a PC equipped with a FireWire® port. This approach eliminates the need for and expense of having to use a PCI frame grabber board.

While the use of an IEEE 1394 driver helps to dramatically reduce the cost of acquiring images into an imaging software product, it also enables the user to easily display live and still images using the Aphelion interface. Acquired images can later be enhanced using the powerful image processing tools available in the Aphelion software. This Aphelion driver is designed to work with any camera that is fully compliant with the IIDC 1394 Digital Camera Specification (version 1.31) as published by the 1394 Trace Association.

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With this Aphelion driver, the user can:
  • Perform high-speed acquisition
  • Interface to either black & white or color cameras
  • Change camera settings (e.g., offset, video format, brightness, sharpness, shutter speed, etc.)
  • Control the camera from the Aphelion graphical user interface, or from an Aphelion ActiveX® component
  • Have a minimal but powerful acquisition system with a portable computer and a camera
  • Grab images acquired by a FireWire® camera, whatever may be their size and resolution

Main Benefits:

  • Fully compliant with the IEEE 1394a and 1394b digital camera specifications
  • Supports black & white and color cameras
  • Easily integrated into a stand-alone application written in VC++® or VB®
  • Full control of the camera parameters
  • No need to use a frame grabber board when the PC is FireWire® ready
  • Faster and more reliable image acquisition than with TWAIN® driver, and more flexible than with a CameraLink driver

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