Aphelion™: The State-of-the-art Tool for OEMs

ADCIS is at heart a technology company. We are at our best when we work in collaboration with OEMs and VARs that understand the needs of particular market segments. We base our success on those collaborations. Using Aphelion and other ADCIS imaging products lets you have access to a whole collection of very mature products, developed over a period of over 20 years, and already adopted by more than thousands of users worldwide.

Just as no two companies are alike, no two imaging problems are the same. There's no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to developing imaging solutions. That's why we know it's essential to work with our customers, analyze their problems, and jointly determine the best way to meet their needs. In a field full of exaggerated claims, we know what will work and, more importantly, what won't. For example, we worked with OEMs to successfully develop the following applications:

  • CytoGenetics Assistant: A chromosome classification stand-alone application.
  • Development of a turn-key system to optimize lens cutting
  • Stand-alone application for PCB inspection
  • Stand-alone application for DNA quantization
  • Density computation on 3D samples
  • Quality control on printed paper
  • And much more

Building trusting relationships is essential. This cannot be achieved by slick presentations and over-ambitious promises, it can only be earned. ADCIS earns trust by investing in a relationship based on honesty and effective communication. We are careful to provide accurate assessments of the technology's capabilities and realistic expectations of what it can do for our customers.

Total solutions mean that we do more than package a set of algorithms. Imaging problems often require end-to-end processing, from data acquisition, enhancement, visualization, feature extraction and measurement, to ensuring that the output format is appropriate for the application. ADCIS has the expertise to craft complete solutions to your problems, from the GUI specification, and the image processing algorithm development, till the output of data. And with the use of the Aphelion .Net libraries and components, it is even easier than before.

Although we've built a large library of tools and algorithms, we know that digital imaging is still a developing technology. ADCIS has the expertise to design new algorithms and innovative approaches when needed.

Real-world problems often require real-time solutions. ADCIS has the expertise to optimize the code to meet your cost and performance requirements.

If you are an OEM, and if you have a special need for Image Processing algorithms, you must take benefit of the Aphelion .Net libraries and components. It has never been so easy to develop a stand-alone image processing application. Select a set of C# .Net components to display the images in the Graphical User Interface using the powerful ImageView component of Aphelion SDK, add a few optional libraries to process 3D images, control the stage of a microscope, and finally, package all these tools in a complete stand-alone environment with its own user interface.

And if you want us to design a specific component for your own needs, just let us know. We can package some of our powerful tools in your own component, with your name, your licensing mechanism, developed by our team of experts from your own specifications.

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