Teaching Image Processing with Aphelion™

Aphelion Developer provides educators with a superior platform for teaching image processing

Through its very comprehensive library of image processing operators and its expansion module, VisionTutor, Aphelion Developer supports introductory college courses in Computer Vision and provides the best environment for doing research in the field of Image Understanding. Teaching vision can now be performed with the help of Aphelion, and VisionTutor, a course combining a theoretical and a laboratory package intended for an introductory course in Image Processing and Image Understanding. Many universities and research laboratories worldwide have selected Aphelion as the imaging environment for research and teaching.


  • Hypertext Lecture Materials
  • Laboratory Experiments
  • Comprehensive set of image display, processing and analysis functions
  • Easily create and add your own functions to the environment
  • Intuitive interface to support rapid algorithm development
  • Comprehensive set of documentation with a programmer's guide
  • Set of over 450 image processing/understanding/analysis operators
Aphelion GUI with Vision Tutor

Aphelion provides a comprehensive set of functions and interactive tools for enhancing and analyzing digital images in an easy to use GUI. Educators, Researchers, and Students use this environment for the rapid development of image processing algorithms. Adding your own libraries and functions to the platform is supported as well.

Aphelion Developer can be delivered to universities and laboratories in the following configurations:

  • Aphelion-Developer site license
  • Extension modules site license
  • Special Developer versions for students to be used on remote PCs
  • Network of PCs in the same classroom

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  • Vision Tutor - Highly illustrated Lecture Materials and Demonstration Exercises.