Since the first release of the software in 1996, Aphelion™ has been widely used to develop basic or complex imaging applications.

This section of the web site describes a set of applications developed by either ADCIS or its customers.

Research projects

To make sure Aphelion incorporates the latest developments in the field of Image Processing and Image Understanding, ADCIS is involved in very advanced research projects. For example, ADCIS was the prime contractor of the CLOVIS project, an European project involving French and Belgium companies, to develop and market a video surveillance software product especially targeted to OEMs. ADCIS was also involved in the RAMIS Project with the Ecole des Mines of Paris and Pierre Fabre laboratoires in Toulouse, and was involved in the Teleophta project with the Ecole des Mines of Paris, the Ecole de Telecommunications of Brest and the Paris hospitals.

And if you are looking for 3D image processing tools, you should evaluate the two 3D optional extensions fully compatible with Aphelion. The 3D image processing extension is the state of the art in 3D imaging.