Tracking of an aircraft landing

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Tracking Application GUI

Tracking application is a small example application which was developed to show how you can use Aphelion™ ActiveX controls to solve a classical problem of tracking moving objects.

The Graphical User Interface is very basic. It includes a window to display successive images of the sequence, one window to display the extremity of the plane tail, and two buttons, one to run the process, and one to exit the application.

Tracking application Algorithm

The algorithm includes a first threshold to get a marker of the moving object. Then a second threshold is performed on the difference to get the outline of the object. The tracked point is defined as the first point in the binary image, while scanning the image from top to bottom, and left to right.

Tracking application Benefits:

  • Basic example showing how to use Aphelion ActiveX components from Visual Basic
  • Can be easily modified to grab live images from a camera, and actually solve a real security application
  • Can track more than a point. Can also compute the speed and the distortion