ADCIS attended the innovation trophies 2015

Y a d'l'idée

ADCIS was one of the companies that was selected for the 2015 Normandy Innovation Awards "Y’a d’l’idée en Normandie !". MIRIADE (AD Normandie) and SEINARI (AD Normandie), regional organizations of economic development and innovation, selected amidst 125 candidates four of the most innovative high tech companies in the Normandy region. ADCIS presented the RetinOpTIC project, a project in the field of ophthalmology, to do a mass screening of patients with diabetic retinopathy. The goal of the project is to develop a mobile system, easy to use by non experts, that takes an image of the retina as input, and provides a diagnosis as output. It helps to reduce the burden on ophthalmologists.

In 2035, the number of diabetic persons will be over 600 million. Only an automatic system based on image processing techniques will be able to screen all images of the retina, and provide a very accurate diagnosis.