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Founded in 1995 at the Image Processing and Analysis Research Center of Caen, France, ADCIS (Advanced Concepts in Imaging Software) develops innovative, high-performance computer vision software products that are marketed worldwide through a network of specialized distributors.

At its inception, ADCIS collaborated internationally with various research laboratories to bring both established and leading edge imaging software technologies into its Aphelion™ family of image processing and analysis software tools. These tools hav enabled ADCIS to pioneer in the development of software for the analysis of imagery in multiple fields, such as retinal diseases, inclusion detection in materials science, control of lens production for eyeglasses, DNA quantification, chromosome classification, tracking of vehicles, and license plate reading. In addition to marketing its imaging software tools, ADCIS develops application-specific imaging systems to meet customer requirements.

The ADCIS development team is comprised of high-level engineers having expertise in image processing and image analysis, mathematical morphology, object-oriented programming, and the development of graphical user interfaces. Its developers have successfully kept pace with the rapidly changing world of Windows operating systems and development environments adapting its software products to new and portable architectures.

The marketing of ADCIS products is made possible by an experienced network of specialized distributors throughout Europe, Asia, America and the South Sea Islands.

ADCIS corporate, sales, and engineering offices are located in Saint-Contest, Normandy, France.


3 rue Martin Luther King
14280 Saint-Contest

Tel: +33 (0)2 31 06 23 00

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ADCIS was awarded the “Organisme au titre du Crédit d Impôt Recherche (CIR)” accreditation delivered by the French Minister of Higher Education and Research.

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The eTIC (Information and Communication Technologies) charter is to maintain a clear sharing between a supplier and a customer to establish a relationship of trust through various basic clauses.