ADCIS Sales Team

The ADCIS sales force is built on a team of experts in image processing and image understanding. Most of the salesmen own a Ph.D. in the field, and they are all aware of the complexity of any imaging application. After talking to them, you will find their expertise very valuable and useful.

The sales team distributes the ADCIS products and services in France and manages a network of world-wide representatives, selected for their skills in computer vision and image processing.

Thanks to the well-recognized sales force level of competency and expertise, you will have access to the best support to select the product which perfectly meets your needs.

Whatever the image analysis solution you are looking for, we will work together to clearly define your requirements before any sale transaction. We will also be at your side through all the process from the definition of the application, through the installation till the final delivery and validation.

Our goal can be summarized in one sentence:

Provide the right tool at the right price to solve any Image Processing application.

We define our product offerings as follows:

  • Aphelion software product for R&D departments and laboratories
  • Complete imaging system including hardware and software
  • Turn-key solutions developed from a specification document
  • Expertise to understand your Image Processing application including training and consulting