ADCIS attended to the ISS 2017 conference

ISS 2017

ADCIS attended to the 40th conference of the International Society for Stereology in Paris, France. Our company presented a work on the use of 3D image analysis applied to the study of the thermal and electric conductivity in compound material. This work was done in partnership with the Laboratoire de Mathématiques Nicolas Oresme and ADCIS with Philippe KARAMIAN1, Sophie LEMAITRE1, Vladimir SALNIKOV1, Grégory DAGNIAUX2, and Bruno LAŸ2.

1 Laboratoire de Mathématique Nicolas Oresme – BP 5186 – 14032 Caen – France

2 ADCIS S.A. – 3, rue Martin Luther King – 14280 Saint-Contest – France