ADCIS attended to the GSLS 2018 symposium

GSLS 2018

ADCIS develops imaging software for innovative companies in areas of excellence such as health. From an imprint of eye surface, it is possible to recover the lost visual acuity following a major damage. The new version of the EyePrint Designer (EPD) Software, which has been developed by ADCIS Engineering Team for an American company, is now available.

This new version has been presented at the Global Specialty Lens Symposium on January 25th, 2018 in Las Vegas. It integrates new functionalities, such as an enhanced geometric model of limbus shape, it is coupled with an Oculus aberrometer that detects Higher Order Aberrations, and is linked to Sterling/Ametek Optoform lathes to mill the appropriate corrective lens. This software is based on the development of an imprint processing of the ocular surface for scleral lenses. Using a 3D scanned mold, this software allows to develop a model of the various surface areas that make up the lens, then obtain a 3D visualization, and mill it on a DAC International or Sterling/Ametek lathe.

The manufactured lenses are customized and adjusted to the precise eye delineation to offer a perfect-fit protection with maximum comfort and optimum vision.