ADCIS celebrated its 20th anniversary

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ADCIS, a French company specialized in Image Processing and Analysis, celebrated its 20th anniversary on December 11th, 2015, at the Abbaye aux Dames, Caen, France. The Abbaye aux Dames, a magnificent abbey founded in the 11th century, is one of the major monuments in Normandy, as shown beside.

Over 100 attendees were present, including people from the Normandy region, financial representatives, directors of local research laboratories, the CEO of Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc., the American ADCIS partner, and representatives of the School of Mines ParisTech.

During this special evening, the following persons gave a speech:

  • 5:00 p.m. Welcome

    Courtesy of Christophe BURDIN

    Bruno LAŸ, ADCIS CEO

    Mr. Bruno LAŸ gave a welcome 5 minute speech and warmly thanked the attendees and the 6 presenters.

  • 5:30 p.m. Opening speech by Michel COLLIN, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry “Caen Normandie”

    Courtesy of Nicole KLEIN
    Courtesy of Christophe BURDIN

    Michel COLLIN, president of the
    Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    of “Caen Normandie”

    Mr. Michel COLLIN based his talk on the position of ADCIS in the economic landscape of Normandy. At the end of his talk, he said: “I am really amazed by ADCIS achievements, the company portfolio of standard and specific applications, and the very knowledgeable staff. We can say that ADCIS is a really nugget in the Normandy Region”.

  • 5:45 p.m. “ADCIS from the early years until today” by Bruno LAŸ, ADCIS CEO

    Courtesy of Christophe BURDIN
    Courtesy of Dominique JEULIN

    Bruno LAŸ, ADCIS CEO

    Mr. Bruno LAŸ talked about the history of the company, from its inception until the most recent accomplishments. He first explained how he discovered Image Processing in the early 80's, how he then started ADCIS in partnership with Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc., and how he built the business over the past 20 years. He then introduced the people and the regional organizations that helped him to start ADCIS and make it growing. Bruno then gave a quick overview of the company products and R&D development projects. He also mentioned the position of ADCIS in the worldwide market in terms of the Aphelion off the shelf software product, and the vertical products in various imaging fields including the ophthalmology market. He also mentioned ADCIS key customers including 3M, Alcon Laboratories, Ametek, L'Oréal, Novartis, Safran, and the Total oil company.

  • 6:15 p.m. “Ophthalmology: historical and company skills in this application field” by Dr. Jean-Claude KLEIN, Board member of the company ADCIS

    Courtesy of Dominique JEULIN
    Courtesy of Christophe BURDIN

    Dr. Jean-Claude KLEIN,
    Board member of ADCIS

    Mr. Jean-Claude KLEIN, former Professor at Mines Paristech, gave a very interesting talk on the use of Image Processing in the fields of Ophthalmology and Diabetic Retinopathy. His talk was very detailed, and very easy to understand for non-experts in the fields.

  • … and Ronan DANNO, Development engineer in charge of medical applications within ADCIS

    Courtesy of Dominique JEULIN
    Courtesy of Christophe BURDIN

    Ronan DANNO,
    ADCIS Development engineer

    Mr. Ronan DANNO talked about applications and specific software products in the field of ophthalmology. He presented a software product he is working on for a company located in Colorado that manufactures rigid contact lenses. This software helps to model the lenses in the 3D space, and to control a lathe that mills a lens and adapt it to the damaged cornea of a patient. He spoke about Karissa's story, a young girl who lost sight a long time ago, and then recovered a visual acuity of 25/20 thanks the use of EyePrint Prosthetics lenses. All the attendees of the event were very impressed by this wonderful story, a real fairy tale.

  • 6:35 p.m. “ADCIS skills in the Field of Image Analysis and Application Examples” by Gervais GAUTHIER, ADCIS Sales manager

    Courtesy of Christophe BURDIN
    Courtesy of Dominique JEULIN

    Gervais GAUTHIER, ADCIS Sales manager

    Mr. Gervais GAUTHIER presented four very innovative applications that were developed by the ADCIS engineering team. These four applications included: Automatic detection and tracking of a gas cloud in gas plants, grain detection and analysis in the field of Materials Science, management of very large images to automatically detect cancerous cells, and a quality control application on the optic part of goggles. His talk showed the advanced expertise of the ADCIS engineering team and his motivation in promoting ADCIS products and expertise.

  • 6:50 p.m. The ADCIS partnership with the US company Applied Imaging Amerinex. by Richard P. KRETSCHMANN, Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc. CEO

    Courtesy of Christophe BURDIN
    Courtesy of Dominique JEULIN

    Richard P. KRETSCHMANN,
    Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc. CEO

    Mr. Richard P. KRETSCHMANN, CEO of Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc., a US company located in Monroe Township, New Jersey, explained how he met Bruno LAŸ in Orlando, FL, in 1995, when Bruno received an award from the American Imaging Association, and why they both decided to start the ADCIS company in Normandy. During his talk, he gave a list of all the benefits working with ADCIS and Bruno. He was very thankful to the Normandy region that gave a lot of grants helping ADCIS at its inception, as well as DARPA money in the states. He spoke in very good words about Bruno LAŸ, and he thanked him for this long partnership between the two companies, and the friendship that was built over the years.

  • 7:00 p.m. Closing speech by Dominique GOUTTE, vice-president in charge of Economic Development, Research and Higher Education at “Caen la Mer”

    Courtesies of Dominique JEULIN

    Dominique GOUTTE, vice-president in charge of
    Economic Development, Research and Higher Education at “Caen la Mer”

    Mr. Dominique GOUTTE started his presentation in English, especially for the English speaking attendees, and he thanked Richard P. Kretschmann for partnering with ADCIS in the mid 90's. He talked about the main objectives of the Caen agglomeration, and the various economical helps provided by the Normandy Region in terms of grants, business expertise, crowd funding, etc. He said that ADCIS is one of the few examples to follow, a successful company that started with a small group of expert people, all experts in their field, some grant money, and that grew over the years to become this company with a worldwide reputation. He also mentioned it is actually possible to build a successful partnership between French and American companies making very innovative products in this beautiful region of Normandy.

  • 7:15 p.m. Demonstration of ADCIS tablet software for automated logo identification by Nicolas BORDES, ADCIS Development engineer

    Courtesy of Tamara KRETSCHMANN
    Courtesy of Christophe BURDIN

    Nicolas BORDES,
    ADCIS Development engineer

    A live demonstration of a logo recognition based on a tablet was given by Mr. Nicolas BORDES of the ADCIS engineering team.

  • 7:30 p.m. Buffet

    Courtesies of Tamara KRETSCHMANN

    Buffet in the “salle Mathilde”

    A buffet took place in the “Salle Mathilde”. It allowed presenters and attendees to meet and discuss about various topics, and forecast new partnerships and the development of innovative research projects.
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