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SantExpo 2023

ADCIS – El grupo Evolucare estará presente en la feria SantExpo 2023 que se celebrará en París del 23 al 25 de mayo en el stand del grupo Evolucare.

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ARVO 2023

ADCIS, parte del Grupo Evolucare, asistirá a la convención ARVO 2023 del 23 al 27 de abril de 2023 en New-Orleans, LA

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Global Industrie 2023

Conozca ADCIS en la feria Global Industrie 2023 del 7 al 10 de marzo en Lyon (Francia)

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Aphelion 4.6.0 comunicado de prensa

Del paquete de programas Aphelion ya está disponible en la versión 4.6.0

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Research Acreditation given by the French government

The French Ministry of Education and Research has reapproved ADCIS activities in the field of Research and Development, especially for its works in the fields of ophthalmology, Deep Learning, and point cloud for the years 2022 to 2024.

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ADCIS joins the Evolucare Group

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ADCIS at SantExpo 2022 in Paris

ADCIS was present at the SantExpo 2022 trade show in Paris in May 17-19 at the Evolucare group’s booth.

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Proyecto DiabEyeIA

Large-scale pilot study of acceptability and efficiency in Normandy pharmacies to evaluate the benefit of an early screening of diabetic retinopathy in diabetic patients.

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Proyecto SEDAAR

Screening for Eye Disease using Automated Analysis of Retinal photography

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