Histórico de versiones Aphelion™

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Aphelion™ Version 3.1e

Starting December 15th 2001, the most current version of Aphelion shipped to all new customers is version 3.1e.

The major improvements between this latest release, and version 3.0g are the following:

  • Aphelion Image Editor for interactive modification of Aphelion binary images and ObjectSets to improve segmentation results
  • Enhanced ActiveX components for image capture, processing, and display
  • More Visual Basic and Visual C++ examples to get users started even faster
  • Advanced statistical information added to Aphelion ObjectSets
  • New drivers implementing Windows Video Capture driver and enhanced TWAIN
  • Frame grabber support for the latest boards from Integral Technologies (e.g., FlashPoint 3D Pro) and for the Leutron Picport Color
  • Support of the Intel microscope QX3 through the Windows Video Capture driver
  • Full compatibility with current versions of Windows (95/98/Me, NT/2000, and XP)
  • Gamma correction of images
  • Support of String attributes in the Object Sets
  • New BasicScript commands for adding custom Look Up Tables, loading DLLs at run time, customizing the new «Macro» menu to quickly organize macros
  • Possibility to attach an ApxImage control to existing data in DIB format
  • And much more

Aphelion 3.1 is still available in the following attractively priced configurations:

  • Aphelion developer license for end users
  • Aphelion site license for multiple machines at a single site
  • Aphelion ActiveX components available as a complete library or as individual units

Contact your local Aphelion representative to receive the latest Aphelion pricing schedule and the additional optional modules you may need in your application.

And do not forget to connect to the Aphelion web site frequently to learn about the latest Aphelion versions.