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Si tiene un proyecto de aplicación y desea evaluar Aphelion Dev, Aphelion Lab o Aphelion SDK, visite la sección de descarga de la Softwares y seleccione el software de su elección para proceder a la descarga del software.

Si usted ya es un usuario de Aphelion™ con un contrato de mantenimiento válido, haga clic en el menú de Softwares en el panel izquierdo y seleccione el producto de software que desea descargar. Tenga en cuenta que usted tendrá que introducir un código de licencia para instalar la versión que acaba de descargar.

Si desea conocer mas sobre Aphelion, consulte los catálagos, la documentación en línea y las demostraciones multimedia puestas a su disposición.

Download a version of Aphelion™ or another product of the Aphelion Imaging Software Suite

You will find below the list of software products that can be downloaded for a free trial or a permanent use. Please select the one you want to try or upgrade and click on the >> Download << link.

Note a license code will be required to install the software. Follow the instructions provided during the installation of the software.

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Aphelion Dev

Aphelion Dev: Powerful software product for rapid application prototyping, development of new imaging techniques, and training in computer vision, including an extensive set of image processing and image analysis tools, a graphical user interface, a macro recorder, a chart server, and so on. Optional modules are also avalaible on request.

If you wish to learn more about the latest release of Aphelion Dev, click here.

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The Aphelion Dev extensions listed below are included in the Aphelion Dev setup program:

  • 3D Image Processing Extension
  • 3D Image Display Extension
  • 3D Skeletonization Extension
  • Color Extension
  • Classifier Builder
  • Fuzzy Logic Toolkit
  • Neural Network Toolkit
  • Multifocus Extension
  • Software interface to image acquisition devices

Aphelion Lab

Aphelion Lab: A software product to quickly and easily capture, process, and analyze images in the fields of microscopy and laboratories.

If you wish to learn more about the latest release of Aphelion Lab, click here.

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Aphelion SDK

Aphelion SDK is a comprehensive set of Image Processing and Analysis components to build applications in the Visual Studio .NET environment.

If you wish to learn more about the latest release of Aphelion SDK, click here.

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ReVAnalyzer is a specific software to quantize the volume of retinal pigment epithelium detachments and other retinal choroidian area, and track their evolution over time.

If you wish to learn more about the latest release of ReVAnalyzer, click here.

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Stereology Analyzer

Stereology Analyzer is a simple to use software tool for reliably estimating quantifications of important 3D structures. This tool is general in its implementation, but has applicability to various scientific domains, most commonly in medicine, materials science, and geology.

If you wish to learn more about the latest release of Stereology Analyzer, click here.

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