e-ophtha: A Color Fundus Image Database

e-ophtha is a database of color fundus images especially designed for scientific research in Diabetic Retinopathy (DR). It has been generated from the OPHDIAT© Tele-medical network for DR screening, in the framework of the ANR-TECSAN-TELEOPHTA project funded by the French Research Agency (ANR).

If you are using any of the e-ophtha databases, always refer to the following article in any publication or document:

Decencière E, et al. TeleOphta: Machine learning and image processing methods for teleophthalmology.
IRBM (2013), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.irbm.2013.01.010

The file Copyright.txt in the last page of the download section provides all copyrights and reference information.

The database is made of retinal images with different types of lesions (exudates and microaneurysms) manually annotated by ophthalmology experts.

Download Instructions

e-ophtha is made of two sub databases named e-ophtha-MA (MicroAneurysms), and e-ophtha-EX (EXudates). A form with personal information needs to be completed to download the databases.

>> Download <<

Each database is a zipped file that contains folders. Each folder corresponds to a patient visit. It includes one or more color fundus images (jpeg files) and binary masks made of lesions (png files). Images of healthy patients with no lesion are also provided in the two databases.

  • Exudates
    e_ophta_EX.zip (37.7 MB)
    Database of images with exudates. It contains 47 images with exudates and 35 images with no lesion.

  • Microaneurysms
    e_ophta_MA.zip (177 MB)
    Database of images with microaneurysms. It contains 148 images with microaneurysms or small hemorrhages and 233 images with no lesion.

Teleophta Consortium

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