Aphelion™ Warranty and Support

    Aphelion comes with a 12-month warranty provided at no charge. This warranty includes support, bug fixes, and work-arounds, and any maintenance or enhancement releases made during the warranty period for licensed software.

    After the first year, a maintenance agreement is provided for a yearly fee. It includes the following services:

    • Technical Assistance - Provided by email or telephone for problems encountered in the functioning of the Aphelion Software product. Technical assistance is provided from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., GMT + 1, Monday through Friday, except on holidays. To send us a message: Technical Support. This assistance is provided by a team of high-level engineers especially trained on the Aphelion product.
    • Error Correction - Provides correction of errors resulting from the Aphelion software not meeting the Software On-Line Documentation. For easily fixed problems, software patches will be provided. For more serious problems, requiring a new software release, work-arounds will be given to the Customer.
    • Updates - Provides modifications to improve the functioning and/or the performance of the Aphelion software or to correct problems. Such modifications are usually incorporated into a new release with a change in the second digit or letter of the version number. Such updates will be given at no charge to customers with a valid maintenance agreement after such release is made available to new customers. Availability of updates will be posted in the Aphelion Version History web page. The latest release of Aphelion Dev/Lab/SDK can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Aphelion Download page.
    • Upgrades - Provides major enhancements to the functionality or performance of the Software. Such enhancements are usually incorporated into a new release with a change in the first digit of the version number. Such upgrades will be made available to Maintenance Customers for an added fee, but discounted from the price to new customers.
    • Problem Reporting - In order to help the Support staff diagnose Customer reported problem, the Customer shall, upon request, provide ADCIS with written reports about the problem, including description of abnormal conditions, the context in which the problem occurs, and any other useful information or data. The Bug Report function of the Aphelion Help menu will help you to generate the report with these information.

    The Aphelion Technical Support Team can be contacted at the following numbers:

    • Telephone: 33-(0)2-31-06-23-00
    • Fax: 33-(0)2-31-06-23-09
    • Link to send a message: Technical Support