Welcome to the Aphelion™ Support pages

    These pages are for the Aphelion user community - end-users, integrators, distributors, and educators. Here you will find important information and useful examples and downloads that will help you get the most from your Aphelion experience.

    The Aphelion Support section is a living section, and more documents and macros will be added as we strive to enhance the productivity of our customers. Make sure you visit these Aphelion Support pages often.

    • WARRANTY AND SUPPORT - This page provides a description of the Aphelion warranty and customer support services, as well as support contact information.
    • MACRO ZONE - Here you will find a library of Aphelion macros. These can serve as both:
      • macro programming examples; and
      • macro functions that are provided free for use in your application.
    • APHELION DOWNLOADS - Currently supported versions of Aphelion software can be downloaded from these pages by those users whose Aphelion licenses are still under warranty or a support agreement. A user whose license is not covered by warranty or a support agreement can download the latest Aphelion version for evaluation purposes only. As evaluation versions of Aphelion have limited capabilities, it may happen that some of the macros provided in the Macro Zone do not work properly. It will be the case of the macros calling for the functions AphImgWrite and AphObjWrite.